Saturday, August 19, 2006

La Boqueria Market, Barcelona

I was reading through the lovely Nerissa's blog the other day about her recent travels in Europe when one of her many and beautiful photos, a table of farmers market veggies, reminded me of the photos Clay and I took of a covered marketplace we discovered by happenstance just off the Rambla in Barcelona last fall.

Throughout our 6-week trip through The Netherlands, France and Spain, we delighted in finding wonderful sights, fantastic architecture, surprise works of art, restaurants, humble chapels, you-name-it, just by walking and following our eyes; through a sculpted archway, down a narrow alley, or into an inviting courtyard.
Mercat Boqueria at 91 Las Ramblas, Barcelona was one of those serendipitous discoveries. To me, this was the ultimate in displays of food porn. See it for yourself (and forgive the yellow-ish cast in many of these photos, the lighting was non-optimum) and enjoy.
Throngs of people in every aisle.



Fresh veggies

Incredible fruit displays

Papayas and ?? (anyone know?)

More funghi

So much candy (I did NOT eat any!)

More fruit

Fish and their heads

The three little pigs, really! Click on photo to enlarge. That's me approaching this display, not quite believing my eyes yet.

A very long aisle of fish.

The End. For Now.